Math is beautiful...

. . . creating high-performance user-friendly interactive software resolving big-data challenges and reducing process time for finance and industry.

seconds to milliseconds

mathematical modeling

AMCET solves big-data processing time problems by converting them into mathematical syntax.

big-data visualization
information matters

AMCET turns big-data into a compelling story. From interactive info-graphics to websites, AMCET makes big-data lightning fast, powerful and accessible.

high performance computing

AMCET specializes in optimizing large intensive computations for CPU & GPU architecture.

big-data solutions

Finance, insurance and industry have and produce large amounts of data incorporating multitudes of variables and parameters. Processing these large amounts of data, fine tuning parameters and extracting usable information for both management and clients of larger and smaller companies requires expensive computation time.

AMCET specializes in significantly reducing computation time by translating these processes into mathematical syntax and optimizing the necessary algorithms. To realize it’s clients’ objectives AMCET uses GPU programming, vectorized code, SIMD technology and multithreading.

The resulting boost in performance opens new possibilities offering complex big-data functionality on intensively used platforms; such as the web, cloud services, apps, and client’s interactive access to information and communication with their financial institutions.